I am…


This is my first post on wordpress and hence a little bit of an introduction would be a good thing to start with! Just thought some days back that I should start a blog to share thoughts about music, the arts and life in general! I am an Indian classical singer and have been performing professionally for more than a decade now. By education, I am a PhD holder in Economics. People do find it strange: music and economics and I also have no clue how it happened to me! But now that I am simultaneously into both, I enjoy them equally!

I have been passionate about the arts; started my journey as a child, first with sketching, then turned towards Indian classical dance, Kathak, before finally realising that my true calling was music! However, the love for all these art forms remains unchanged! One thing which has remained constant throughout the journey so far, has been my passion for writing: another form of art! As Alexander Pope says, “True ease in writing comes from art, not chance, as those move easiest who have learned to dance!”

As a result, for as long as I remember I have been randomly scribbling my thoughts, experiences during all the performances, travels, the musical musings and so on. I have also been freelancing as a content writer for a couple of websites, I am the editor of the newsletter of the institute where I work, have written many articles and research papers which have been published and presented in national and international conferences and proceedings.

I feel life gives us enriching experiences, whether good or bad, but enriching all the same! And the learning through these experiences can be shared on a platform like this and that is precisely the reason why I am here!

Well, so this much of an introduction is sufficient, I think! Hope to share many more things on the blogosphere!


Dr. Kalyani Bondre